• March 2014 to present


    Pleno Web Developer
    São Paulo, SP

  • August 2017 to present

    Fórum Brasil China

    Pleno Developer and SEO
    São Paulo, SP

  • August 2017 to present

    Marcolino Online

    Pleno Web Developer
    São Paulo, SP

  • October 2017 to present


    Pleno Web Developer
    São Paulo, SP

  • March 2015 to present


    Graduate in web systems development
    São Paulo, SP

  • May 2013 to present


    PHP Web Developer - Basic to advanced
    São Paulo, SP

  • June 2012 to present


    SQL Developer
    São Paulo, SP

types of services

Below I describe a little of what I offer my clients.

requirements analysis

An important part of the development process, the analysis is done together with the customer to identify the needs and requirements of the business.

web systems development

Based on the requirements and needs of the customer and business, the system is made following market and business standards.

seo and web marketing

Set of optimization techniques for websites, blogs and web pages. That serves for digital marketing and to reach the best positions in the search engines.


A little about myself ...

Says there comes history...

“Born and raised in the outskirts of São Paulo, in 1991 I won my first computer, a 486 DX66mhZ with 16mb of Ram and a meager 600mb HD, which was actually a gift from Greek, because my Father really wanted help to create budgets for your construction company.

Anyway this was the kickoff for what I am today a Web Systems Developer, of course along the way I developed applications for computers and notebooks, but with the arrival of broadband internet I realized that the future would be the applications in Cloud and since then I have been dedicating myself to the learning and creation of Web sites and systems.

Today I use the second Languages:

And the following frameworks to facilitate development:
Bootstrap - Angular - JQuery - CodeIgniter - CakePHP

Adept Open Source Open Source systems, I have been using Linux since 2002, and I have followed all the versions of Windows since 3.11 that I used running on MS-DOS 6.2 to the current Windows 10.

I worked with computers, laptops and networks for 7 years in the CLT regime, when in 2014 I decided to work for something that motivated me more than is the development, maintenance and support of websites and web systems for entities that do something for the most needy population .

Although I consider myself a Developer today, I am considered by many as a Guru or Technology Consultant in general and I have been working on the creation of several projects that can bring technology in an accessible way to the low income population.”